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In 1923 Frederick Knowles started a garage business where he carried out Motor Vehicle and Agricultural Machinery repairs and retailed petroleum spirit which initially was delivered from Colwick by horse drawn tank, stored in a shed in two gallon cans and poured by funnel into customers' cars at a cost of approximately 11d. per gallon. Modernisation took place in 1924 with the installation of a hand operated pump fitted to the wall of the family home.

Knowles Garage Knowles Garage

Now premises were built in 1934. Six new pumps were added and business was expanded by the acquisition of Agricultural Contracts in the area. Then of course the war intervened and the war Office confiscated four of the pumps and the agricultural equipment for their own use.

Frederick Knowles died in 1946 leaving Mabel Knowles and five young children. Mrs. Knowles continued to operate the business as a filling station until the late 1950's when one by one all five of the family became directors at which point the service side was expanded. A Triumph franchise was taken in 1965 followed by Rover in 1974 and the Austin, Morris, MG was added in 1977. Mrs. Knowles died in 1978 leaving her two daughters and three sons to carry on the family tradition of giving personal service at the high standard set by Mr. Knowles Snr. in 1923.

Epperstone By-Pass Garage

Now with nearly 90 years of experience we continue to offer a professional service at low prices.

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