Breathe easy with Air Con Re-Gas - Decontamination

When an air conditioning system is switched on after a period of inactivity, harmful bacteria can be vented into the vehicle. This bacteria can produce flu-like symptoms resulting in an unplesant driving experience.

Scientists believe, due to the lack of use of your Air Conditioning, particularly during the winter months, condensation which builds up on the evaporator becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.
The Automobile Association says that this may cause 'sick car syndrome' - a mobile version of the sick building syndrome blamed for illness in many offices. The AA advises motorists to have their air conditioners serviced regularly by qualified technicians using biological cleaners.

Epperstone By-Pass Garage have the solution

Our technicians will service your vehicles air conditioning system to ensure you enjoy trouble free, healthier motoring:

Also, when not in regular use, run your air conditioning system for at least 10 minutes every week to keep it working effectively.

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