Servicing under Manufacturers Warranty

Yes, we can service your car and save you £££££’s while your new car is under still the Manufacturers Warranty.

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More freedom of choice needed in car after-sales market
In a study published today the OFT called on car manufacturers and franchised dealers to lift restrictions on where new cars may be serviced while under warranty, and to improve the provision of information to customers on the terms and conditions of their warranties
The study found that customers are often unaware of the options available to them when choosing a garage, and that over two thirds of customers assume that their warranty will be invalidated if they use an independent garage, even where this is not the case.
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New Car Warranties - Report of the Market Study
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1.9 We found that the conditions that make warranty cover dependent on the car being serviced at the manufacturer's franchised dealer limit consumers' abilities to choose where to have their cars serviced, and may lead them to pay higher prices for servicing. This is because:

1.10 It is difficult to get a precise figure of possible savings for consumers were the market to work better. If the prices that franchised dealers charge for servicing were to approach the level of the independent garages, then savings could be up to £500 million.

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