XPart Auto Service Centre

Everything. Yes, everything. From a replacement battery or tyre change to electrical diagnostics or even a total engine replacement, we can handle it. In other words, an XPart AutoService Centre can do everything.

XPart is the one and only dedicated source of Genuine Parts for MG and Rover models, from the latest 2005 range all the way back to classic cars from the 1980s and before.

We are MG Rover specialists and our skilled technicians know their way around a car from bumper to bumper and inside out, not just the exhaust or the clutch or the tyres. If you drive an MG or a Rover, we’re behind you all the way. Whenever you want a genuine MG Rover part at prices that make sense, protected by a warranty worthy of the MG Rover marques.

The AutoService centre network includes many of the MG Rover dealerships that formerly made up the manufacturer’s network. Now they are ready to offer the same franchise standard services to you again, except with even better value.

You get the same skills, resources and trained staff as before, using factory approved techniques and genuine parts – but faster and with smaller bills.

For information on XPart - www.xpart.com

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